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Door Inspections, Testing and Maintenance


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Door Inspections
June 25, 2019

10:00 - 11:30 am EST

Since January 2018 CM has been enforcing the requirement for healthcare facilities to inspect, test and maintain fire doors annually.

CMS has confirmed that in health care facilities, fire door assemblies are required to be inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 101 section The inspection and testing of fire door assemblies shall be performed by qualified individuals with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of door being subject to testing. Doors selected for inspection include:
* Doors in fire rated assemblies, such as doors in fire rated walls
* Exit enclosures and hazardous spaces with rated doors
* Certain fire rated labeled doors

With the adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code effective July 5, 2016, CMS expects all healthcare organizations to be compliant with the requirements including the NFPA 80-2010 edition, which requires all fire-rated door assemblies to be inspected annually. The requirements for the annual inspection include the following:
* Is the door label present and legible?
* Is the door and frame free from holes and breaks in all surfaces?
* Are the doors, hinges, frame, hardware and threshold secure, aligned and in working order with no visible signs of damage?
* Are there any missing or broken parts?
* Is the clearance from the door edge to the frame no more than 1/8 inch?
* Is the door undercut no more than ? inch?
* Does the latching hardware operate and secure the door in the closed position?
* Is the door assembly free from are auxiliary hardware items which could interfere with its operation?
* Has the door been modified since it was originally installed?

OHCA, in conjunction with AHCA, has prepared door inspection training and an inspection form to be used in meeting the annual fire door inspection requirement. The training packet has been developed to provide guidance and training to ensure that individuals inspecting and testing doors are prepared and qualified.

This webinar will review the qualified training necessary to complete the fire door inspection and provide facilities the necessary documentation tools to complete these.

Compliance with the annual fire door assembly inspection and testing in accordance with 2010 NFPA 80 is began by January 1, 2018.
June 25, 2019
10:00- 11:30 am EST

Kenneth M. Daily - President, Elder Care Systems Group, Dayton, Ohio

Over his 25 plus year career, Kenn has wide-ranging experiences in advancing long-term health care. Kenn has a strong reputation for designing integrated and customized solutions for clients to achieve organizational quality and compliance. Kenn is a member of the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Board of Directors and Chair of OHCA's Life Safety Code/Disaster Management Committee. He also serves on the American Health Care Association's Life Safety Committee and the National Fire Protection Association's Health Care Section where he also serves on its Executive Committee. Kenn is a recognized author and recently completed editing the NFPA's 2000-2012 Life Safety Code Guidance as well as authoring Life Safety Code Essentials for Skilled Nursing Facilities' ECSG, 2012
CEUs & Other Education Requirements:

Each program is approved for one (1.0) hour of credit for nursing home administrators, CEAL and nurses. Individual attendance will be monitored throughout the call. Only those attending the entire call will be awarded continuing education credit. All participants regardless of need for CEUs, will receive a certificate of attendance. This course is considered a self-study course by Ohio BELTSS. Administrators are reminded that BELTSS limits teleconference (home/self-study) credits to a total of ten (10.0) per renewal period.

How much does it cost?

Facilities will pay one low fee for an unlimited number of participants. However, the number and access code is valid only for one phone line/computer at the location registered with the Association. Any additional phone connections calling in will be billed the individual session registration fee.

Individual Webinar Registration Fee:

Members, prior to June 7, $55 per location
Non Members, prior to June 7, $130

Members, June 7 and after, $75
Non Members, June 7 and after, $175

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