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Energized Employees - Thank Goodness Its Monday


Session 1 of The E Series: Culture Driven Recruitment and Retention
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The E Series: Culture Driven Recruitment and Retention
Session 1: Energized Employees: Thank Goodness It?s Monday!

October 9, 2019
2:00 - 3:30 pm
1.5 CE for NHA, CEAL, CEHCH, Nurses

Use your culture for a competitive advantage! The absolute best way to find the 'right' employees and keep them is to effectively demonstrate organizational culture before hire, upon hire and then throughout their many years of employment!

Organizational culture is the glue that holds teams together. It's what motivates employees to overcome challenges or succumb to them. It's the reason why employees want to, or don't want to, get out of bed to go to work in the morning! When an organization purposefully creates a culture that focuses on its greatest asset, its employees, the result can be a deeply engaged and hardworking workforce that is passionate about the work they do each day. Imagine employees exclaiming at the beginning of the week, 'Thank God it's Monday' as they excitedly show up to contribute their gifts to the organization's goals!

From this session you will:
 Dive into the recruitment and retention issues plaguing our field
 Recognize the importance of organizational culture and how it may be secretly hurting your ability to find the right employees
 Act on tips that can be implemented immediately to assess your organizational culture, with the goal of increasing the talent pool and keeping your best team members.

October 9, 2019
2:00 - 3:30 pm
1.5 CE for NHA, CEAL, CEHCH, Nurses
E Series Faculty

Denise Boudreau-Scott, President
Arleen Smith, Leadership & Engagement Consultant
Mary Tellis-Nayak, Leadership & Engagement Consultant
Each program is approved for one and 1/2 (1.5) hour of credit for Nurses, NHA, Certified Executives for Assisted Living (CEAL), and Certified Executives for Home Care & Hospice (CEHCH). Individual attendance will be monitored throughout the call. Only those attending the entire call will be awarded continuing education credit. All participants regardless of need for CEUs, will receive a certificate of attendance. This course is considered a self-study course by Ohio BELTSS. Administrators are reminded that BELTSS limits webinars (home/self-study) credits to a total of ten (10.0) per renewal period.

How much does it cost?

Facilities will pay one low fee for an unlimited number of participants. However, the number and access code is valid only for one phone line/computer at the location registered with the Association. Any additional phone connections calling in will be billed the individual session registration fee.

Individual Session Fees: (prior to September 25)
Members: $55
Non Members: $130

Individual Session Fees: (September 25 and after)
Members: $75
Non Members: $175

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