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5 Star QMs: Catheter, UTI


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Course Description:

This session will review the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measures that impact the Quality Measure component of the Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Quality Rating system. During the session, we will review how these measures are calculated and how they impact your overall Five-Star Quality Rating. The session will focus on best practices for reducing urinary tract infections and unnecessary catheter use in your facility and how to improve these measures using a QAPI framework with emphasis on reduction of common MDS coding errors and implementation of a facility specific Five Star road map action plan.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure are calculated and impact the Five-Star Quality Rating score

2. Describe best practices for reducing UTIs and catheter use and improving your Five-Star Quality Rating score

3. Describe a process for establishing priority QAPI goals and actions to improve the UTIs and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure

Course Content

30 min Review of the UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measures and impact on 5-Star Rating

* Percent of residents with UTIs or catheters

* Acceptable diagnoses for catheter use and effective documentation and monitoring of catheter use and care

* Ensuring appropriate MDS coding per the RAI manual for UTI

* Review of an antibiotic stewardship program to assure appropriate use of antibiotics

* How to calculate UTI and catheter insert/left in bladder quality measure scores in the 5-Star Rating system

20 min Best practices related to infection control and UTI prevention and the new RoP for infection control

20 min Developing a QAPI plan based on antipsychotic medications quality measures data analysis

* PIP Team

* Establishing goals for implementation

* Identification of tools for evaluating and monitoring compliance

* Plan for monitoring compliance

* Implementation of changes that will result in 5-Star improvement

5 min Closing Comments/ Q&A
Shelly Maffia, MSN, MBA, RN, LNHA, QCP, Director of Regulatory Services Shelly Maffia is a Registered Nurse and Nursing Home Administrator with over 15 years of experience serving in long term care leadership and consulting positions, including positions as Director of Nursing, Administrator, and Corporate Nurse Consultant and Training Positions. She earned the QAPI Certified Professional (QCP) credential from the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC), which was established to promote the highest standards for QAPI program implementation in the long-term care profession.

Amie Martin, OTR/L, CHC, RAC-CT, Clinical Consultant
Amie Martin is an Occupational Therapist and Compliance Officer with over twenty years
of experience serving in long term care leadership positions and as a clinical program specialist. Amie is
certified in healthcare compliance. She has successfully partnered with providers to develop and implement
Compliance and Ethics Programs, achieve 5-star survey results, and ensure Medicare reimbursement accuracy as Founder and President of Proactive Medical Review Consulting.

Eleisha Wilkes, RN, RAC-CT
Eleisha Wilkes is a Registered Nurse and AANAC certified MDS consultant with over fifteen years of experience in long term care. She has served as a Director of Nursing, Case Manager and Resident Assessment Coordinator with extensive responsibility and success in driving QA in the areas of person centered assessment and care planning through effective systems, staff development, and interdisciplinary team collaboration. Eleisha specializes in Emergency Preparedness, MDS 3.0, reimbursement compliance, competency based staff education programs, SNF/NF survey readiness, and Phase 1-3 Requirements of Participation compliance.
Continuing Education Credit:

Administrators: can earn 1.25 hours of continuing education credit by the National Association of Boards of Examiners

Individual attendance will be monitored throughout the call.

Only those attending the entire call will be awarded continuing education credit. All participants regardless of need for CEs, will receive a certificate of attendance. This course is considered a self-study course by Ohio BELTSS.

Administrators are reminded that BELTSS limits webinar credits to a total of ten (10.0) per renewal period.
How much does it cost?

Facilities will pay one low fee for an unlimited number of participants. However, the number and access code is valid only for one phone line/computer at the location registered with the Association. Any additional phone connections calling in will be billed the individual session registration fee.

Early Individual Session Fees:
Members: $55
Non Members: $130

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