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11/4/2021 - 11/5/2021

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, Columbus/Westerville , Ohio

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Nursing Conference
November 4 - 5, 2021
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Thursday, November 4

1:00 pm Ohio Board of Nursing Laws & Rules

Presented by: Cathy Knopf

Ohio nurses face increased professional liability related to nursing practice. This presentation will discuss the purpose of the OBN laws and rules and where they are located. It will also define nursing liability and professional negligence, explore the types of torts related to nursing care, and explain reporting of nursing misconduct and subsequent disciplinary process.

2:15 pm Break

2:30 pm Drug Diversion in Senior Living

Presented by: Peggy Morrison

Drug diversion is a potential threat to the safety of residents/patients in every healthcare organization. This presentation will discuss how to recognize, prevent, and respond to suspected drug diversion.
3:30 pm Scope of Practice & Delegation

Presented by: Cathy Knopf

Ohio nurses are required to ensure that they remain aware of the law related to nursing practice. This presentation will discuss the scope of nursing practice in Ohio as defined in the Nurse Practice Act and administrative rules. It will also review the rules and responsibility of delegation.

4:30 pm Day 1 ends

Friday, November 5

8:00 am General Session - Healthy Workplaces in Turbulent Times

Presented by: Nancy Pettigrew

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely taxing on all of us as we show up each day to promote and preserve health and safety for all those we serve and support. Please join your OHCA nursing colleagues in exploring how courage, compassion, trust and gratitude can help sustain and grow your healthy workplace. Nancy Pettigrew, Founder of The Healthy Workplace, Ltd., will lead the discussion with time for sharing your stories and ideas that can help inspire, empower and encourage one another.

9:00 am Break

9:15 am Care Planning

Presented by: Scott Heichel

The care plan is the end result of the MDS/CAA process and has F tags 655, 656, and 657 associated with it. The care plan is driven not only by identified resident issues and/or conditions but also by a resident?s unique characteristics, strengths, and needs. A care plan that is based on a thorough assessment, effective clinical decision making, and is compatible with current standards of clinical practice can provide a strong basis for optimal approaches to quality of care and quality of life needs of individual residents. This presentation will review strategies that will allow your team to create resident specific and individualized care plans, which will help to drive patient outcomes.

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Documentation

Presented by: Scott Heichel

Whether it?s to support clinical outcomes, Medicaid Case Mix, or Medicare/Insurance reimbursement, robust documentation helps to tell the story of the resident. Documentation can help to tell us what is working, not working, or even condition changes. Is your documentation aiding you during the survey process or is it hindering you? This presentation will discuss the keys to documentation from a legal perspective, how to create a quality nurse note, and how nursing documentation helps to drive the reimbursement process.

12:30 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Exception Review Update and Strategies for Success

Presented by: Tammy Cassidy

In addition to impending changes to the MDS document, navigating coding through new illnesses, and managing a surge in skilled care and case mix opportunities, Exception Reviews also continue. During this session, we will discuss the history of the Ohio Medicaid Exception Reviews, and the latest trends. We will also discuss strategies to ensure accuracy of MDS documentation, commonly miscoded items, and best practices to prepare for an Exception Review in your community.

2:00 pm Break

2:15 pm SNF Regulatory Update

Almost 50 immediate Jeopardies were cited in the fourth quarter of 2020 and over 30 in the first quarter of 2021. Mandy Smith will share trends and tips on avoiding similar issues within your center, and how to plead your case during survey. In addition, the latest regulations on COVID, OSHA, Survey and more will be discussed during this closing general session. This highly informative and interactive session is a don?t miss.

3:15 pm Adjourn
Tammy Cassidy, President
T. L. Cassidy & Associates

Ms. Cassidy has over 27 years of long-term care management experience, including multiple nurse leadership roles. Ms. Cassidy is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the State of Ohio. She has worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, specializing in MDS, as a DAVE2 surveyor. Ms. Cassidy is certified in gerontological nursing, and is a Certified Resident Assessment Coordinator through AANAC. She is the past President of OANAC, and the recipient of the ACHCA Ohio Educator of the Year award. Ms. Cassidy is an independent consultant specializing in MDS, Quality Assurance, Survey Preparation, and Leadership.

Scott Heichel, Director of Clinical Reimbursement

Scott Heichel, RN, RAC-MT, RAC-CTA, DNS-CT, CIC, QCP, IPCO, is the Director of Clinical Reimbursement for LeaderStat. He brings over 25 years of healthcare experience. Scott is recognized for his expertise in the RAI process and clinical reimbursement. Scott's consulting work includes performing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement reviews and creating educational programs for skilled nursing facilities and multi-facility operators. Scott has experience in and has testified as an expert witness in a large Medicare dispute case and has also assisted in corporate integrity audits and corporate compliance reviews. Scott is a member of the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN) Board of Directors, the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) Expert Advisory Panel, is recognized as a Master Teacher through AANAC for their RAC-CT MDS certification courses and sits on the board as the President of the Ohio Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators.

Cathy Knopf, BSN, RN, is a Risk Management Consultant for Risk Management Solutions. She manages an established senior living book of business in order to assist customers in minimizing exposure to professional liability lawsuits. She is responsible for scheduling risk management activities with assigned clients that include clinical and environmental risk assessments, education, mentoring, quick response review, action plan assistance, mock survey including survey preparedness, consulting services, and high-risk chart reviews among others. She served as a director of nursing for nearly 10 years, and has over 25 years of experience in the senior health care setting. She is a Resident Assessment Coordinator - Certified (RAC-CT) by American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC), and has presented educations regarding best risk management practices to professional organizations. Cathy continues to perform facility risk assessments, manage educational unit, conduct continuing education activity presentations, assist with pre-litigation management activities, and action plan development.

Peggy Morrison is a Sr. Risk Manager with AssuredPartners/Risk Management Solutions serving the senior living industry. She provides clinical risk management services to skilled nursing and assisted living centers with a focus on risk identification and mitigation. Peggy has served the senior living industry for 29 years with a specialized focus in clinical risk management. She has served in various roles including as a Director of Nursing, Regional Nurse, V.P. of Clinical Operations and a clinical nursing instructor. Peggy is a graduate of the University of Akron with a MSNA in Nursing Administration.

Nancy A. Pettigrew, Founder/Owner

My passion since beginning my consulting practice in 1989 has been in helping organizations create places where people WANT to work; where employees feel valued for their contributions and know how to successfully fulfill their roles within the organization. I provide consulting, coaching and training to assist leaders and their employees in building their cultural brand for achieving organizational goals that create vitality and viability in the marketplace.

Three of our key focus areas of skill development with clients are understanding behavioral styles for optimizing the talents of a diverse workforce, listening skills that go beyond the active listening formula into building ongoing effective communication and emotional intelligence as the foundation for navigating successfully through every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Connecting the head and heart is the path to value-based living that gives meaning and purpose to our work and to our relationships.

My professional credentials include Everything DiSC? Workplace? Certification, Accredited Facilitator of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team?, Certified Professional, PXT Select?, a Wiley Brand and Emotional Skills Assessment Process (ESAP) of the Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc. In serving my national and international clients, I have developed and facilitated such courses as ?The CL.E.A.R. Responsibilities of Leadership', ?Up Your Maslow~Helping People Navigate Change?, ?The Art of Positive Influence?, ?Serving Customers through S.M.A.R.T. Objectives?, ?The Coaching Role of Managers? and 'Emotional IQ: Essential Skills for Leadership'.

I am a Founding Member of The Freedom?s Path Initiative, LLC, a member of the Worldwide Network of Servant Leadership sponsored by the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership, a Fellow in the Institute of Coaching, McLean, affiliate of Harvard Medical School, a Past President of the Heartland Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement, a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and the Organizational Development Network (ODN), a founding member of the Columbus, Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a Board Member for Kindway, a not-for-profit with the mission of Investing in those whose lives are impacted by incarceration
Continuing Education Credit:

November 4 - 3.25 CEs
November 5 - 6 CEs

9.25 CE credits

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